First Megaupload exec arrested in US, rats abandon sinking ship

Andrus Nomm, a former MegaUpload executive has handed himself in to US authorities.

An executive who worked under Kim Dotcom at MegaUpload has been arrested in the United States.

News agency AP reported that Estonian software programmer Andrus Nomm, who was described in a US indictment in 2012 as the head of MegaUpload’s software development division, had been arrested by US police in Alexandria, Virginia, yesterday.

Nomm was originally arrested by Dutch police in Rotterdam days after New Zealand police raided Dotcom’s rented Coatesville mansion in 2012.

He had been fighting extradition to the US and initial reports did not make clear whether he had travelled to Virginia voluntarily, sparking speculation of a possible plea bargain. ?

The charges against him include copyright infringement and conspiracy to commit racketeering.

Ira Rothken, a Californian lawyer who represents Dotcom, tweeted that he was studying the development.

Nomm had his own counsel and was hardly mentioned in the original US grand jury indictment of Dotcom and his co-accused, he said.

My sources tell me that Andrus has cut himself a deal and is the first of the hard core of MegaUpload to crack.

Any deals that may or may not have been on offer to any others will now likely be off the table.

The ‘team’ will start to eat each other now as they now climb over themselves to get out of trouble.


– Fairfax