Flash isn’t even a good descriptor

John Key says that SkyCity’s convention centre plan was too flash.

Prime Minister John Key says the SkyCity convention centre plan grew in both size and “flashness” until a public backlash persuaded the Government not to spend any more money on it.

SkyCity may need to shrink its international convention centre after public funding was ruled out, prompting critics to question whether the plan for a “world-class, iconic” building in downtown Auckland is now fading away.

“It grew from 33,000 square metres to 38,000 square metres. It did get a bit flasher,” he told Mike Hosking on Newstalk ZB this morning.

“Some of the points SkyCity were making were totally valid. But in the end I just think that public opinion on this thing, rightly so, was: ‘There’s a deal, leave it as the contract said, even if SkyCity were right, it’s possibly gone up a little more, we all need to live within our means’, and that’s what we are going to do.”


Sky City’s convention centre appears to be gold plated. Well at least it must be. ?

The centre had increased from 33,000 sqm to 38,000 sqm but apparently that costs some $140m more or put precisely – $28,000 per square metre.

That would have to make it the most expensive building ever built in New Zealand. So it must actually have gold leaf, the blood of new born babies or something similar.

38,000 sqm isn’t a large building. Currently Manson TCLM is building an office campus at 151 Victoria St that with car parking is barking up the backside of the same gross floor area. Progressive Enterprises’s new building on the former Soho site in Ponsonby is equally as large at circa 35,000 sqm of gross floor. Experts we’ve spoken too put the total cost of building those projects at $50 to $55 million and tenants fit out another $10m a piece.

Auckland Uni is amidst a significant build on Wellesley Street known as Building 301 which will be a new science centre. According to the University website the eleven story building is …. 38,000 sqm with a reported build cost of $200 million.

So similar sized buildings, but with build costs at a fraction of the cost. Really? Something is amiss with the costs purported by Sky City Casino.

There are serious volumes of smoke puffing out of Sky City and plenty of bulldust. None more than the nonsense over build costs.

With comparative projects in Auckland on size and that are of high quality architecturally and materially – there are some serious questions that need to be asked.

Because they should be able to build the centre for much much less without any loss of quality.


– NZ Herald