Food Nutters Aotearoa, Ctd


There?s quite a storm brewing for the organisers of this week?s Food Nutters Aotearoa conference and speaking tour.

Even Twitter troll Philli Heard is all gee?d up over Huber?s speaking rort.


Maybe Philli Heard could actually ask Don Huber the questions loopy Green Taliban MP Steffan Browning is too scared to ask. ?

The organisers ? Food Matters Aotearoa, are now having to explain why they are trying to hide the fact Food Matters Aotearoa is just a green-wash front for GE-Free New Zealand.

By running a proxy for GE-Free New Zealand, they are trying to give the impression that it is a credible organisation pimping two of the most discredited? anti-GMO speakers on the planet – Gilles-Eric Seralini and Don Huber, to an?unsuspecting New Zealand public.

So who are Food Matters Nutters Aotearoa? Grant Jacobs at Sciblogs has clearly spent a fair bit of time and effort looking into them ? and smacks up twitter troll Philli Heard on the way through.

Food Nutters Aotearoa is a front for Wellington landscaper Jon Muller – a director of the company Food Matters Aotearoa Limited, who reports to shareholders and GE-free activists Susan Lees and Claire Bleakley. They?re all part of GE-Free New Zealand and the Revolt Against Genetic Engineering in Food ? R.A.G.E Incorporated.

These activists managed to hook in sponsors who are now at risk of damage by association.

Food Matters Aotearoa are sponsored by BioAg Ltd, a private, Napier based company run by Steven Haswell, but essentially a JV company majority owned by Australians.

Commonsense Organics, run by James Kebbell and Marion Wood, a Wellington based good Kiwi success story have obviously fallen hook line and sinker for the spin by these GE-Free activists.

Bio Farm Yoghurt, run by James and Catherine Tait-Jamieson of Palmerston North, another local success story, also must have drunk too much of the anti-GE Kool Aid to have parted with money to pay for these nutters to come to New Zealand.

But more surprisingly is that Wellington City Council is listed as a Silver Sponsor. Mayor Celia Wade-Brown must have had the wool pulled over her eyes when approving Wellington ratepayer money for this lot.

The more sunlight on this organisation simply leads to the conclusion that Food Nutters Aotearoa are playing fast and loose with the truth.