Food Nutters Aotearoa


This coming weekend in Wellington a bunch of food activists nutters will gather at Te Papa.

And the reason? A ?controversial conference? to ?address all aspects of food security, production and safety to help inform future policy around food production?.

That?s code for anti-GMO, anti-corporate, alternative health and we know best.

It will be a wet dream for the Green Taliban, particularly MP Steffan Browning – who is still trying to redeem himself after signing a petition wanting the WHO to use homeopathic remedies to fight Ebola.

Browning is so excited he?s even spending taxpayer funds to escort them to the Parliamentary Library on Thursday night. ?


One look at the international speaker line up and you know where this is heading. The list includes anti GMO researcher Gilles-Eric Seralini ? the poster-boy for Browning.

In 2013, Browning attacked the government wanting GE food separated in shops. A key plank of that attack was a study by Seralini which was roundly slamed by the scientific community, including by the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology, recommending that the Seralini article be withdrawn ? or it will be retracted.

Clearly Browning hasn?t caught up. ?The Economist launched into Seralini and exposed the tactics used by the authors to try and limit criticism of their dodgy study.

He has also clearly missed the memo showing the Food Standards Australia New Zealand was listed as reviewing and refuting the Seralini paper, along with government agencies in Canada, Belgium, Denmark and Brazil.

With taxpayer funds being used to promote a Food Matters Aotearoa conference pimping the views of discredited researchers, some sunlight on this conference is needed.