He could form the Whinger Party with Eleanor Catton

The problem with moaning liberal elite luvvies and socialist “entrepreneurs” is that they like to hear the sound of their own voice.

Last week it was Eleanor Catton bleating on about how un-loved she is and assisting us all to now why.

This week we have Gareth Morgan having another rant.

Of course he’d never want to test his never-ending opinions on almost everything with the voting public would he?

Gareth Morgan is heading to Orewa to confront what he calls the “ignorance of Brash-think”.

The venue and name are a nod to former National Party leader Don Brash, whose 2004 speech in the town led to a heated period of debate about the Treaty of Waitangi.

Dr Morgan is stepping into those uncertain waters tomorrow when he speaks to the Orewa Rotary Club.

He said he had deliberately chosen to speak at Orewa because it was where Dr Brash gave “one of the most damaging speeches ever made in terms of Treaty relations”.

“It’s exactly the cohort I’ve been talking about as having a high level of ignorance on Treaty matters.”

He says there was a hotbed of ignorance which needed to be confronted because of the need for an ongoing relationship with Maori after all Treaty of Waitangi settlements are finished.

“There are still large tracts of people who indulge in Brash-think on this topic. I want to expose that.”

I’ve got some spare time tomorrow, I think I might go along and do some exposing myself…of puffed up socialist hypocrites.

Why don’t these numpties just form a political party?

I’m sure the name Whingers Party is available.

He could lead it and his co-leader could be Eleanor Catton.

Don Brash goes on to show up Morgan and his latest little project to garner headlines.

Dr Brash, meanwhile, stands by the speech, which targeted what he called the Treaty “grievance industry” and rejected Dr Morgan’s interpretation.

He said the Treaty was a “crucially important document” at the time it was signed but it contained no suggestion of an ongoing partnership.

The final settlements needed to be finished and the original agreements rebalanced to meet current levels, Dr Brash said, but then “that should be the end of the matter”.

“There is no suggestion in the document as an ordinary person reads it that this is an ongoing ‘partnership’. To me, that is an absolute nonsense. To imagine Queen Victoria or her representatives saw themselves forming a partnership with people they would have seen at the time as a Stone Age people is an absolute nonsense.

“It’s totally without justification and it’s not envisaged by the Treaty of Waitangi and, frankly, it isn’t a good basis for an ongoing democratic society. To give a permanent legal preference to a people, one of whose ancestors may have been Maori, seems to me to be a disaster for our ongoing racial harmony.

“I don’t think we should help Maori more because they happen to be Maori. That to me is a nonsense. Some Maori are as affluent as I am. Some could be more affluent than I am. Help them because they need help.”

Sensible stuff from Brash, if only he had managed to avoid the glad eye of the ladies.

There are two legal documents holding back this country.

The first is the Resource Management Act, the second is the Treaty of Waitangi.

In no other country in the world is a 175 year old treaty held to every word as though it is unalterable and unimpeachable.

As Brash says, time to finished the settlement process then wind it all up and move on.


– NZ Herald