From the passenger seat: Why Dotcom and Key are the same

via RNZ

via RNZ

by Pete

I was just thinking about readers?getting angry?with Cam?going on about Key re Sabin. But they don’t know why. The same happened with Dotcom. Dotcom?got hammered for a year and people begged Cam to leave him alone.

Readers?who don’t go “hang on, why would Whaleoil swim upstream here?” haven’t learned much from reading this blog.

The problem is, you too can see that Key hasn’t been the same since Oravida and Dirty Politics. ?He’s stuffing things up, and you don’t like it. ?It makes you nervous.

Sure, they are apparently minor things, but then they always are. ?In politics, death comes by 1000 cuts. ?And Key is hopelessly blundering about collecting them.

You want Whaleoil to stop pointing these out because you fear that the Key garlic that keeps the Labour vampire from the door is about to lose his power, and you prefer a bumbling Key over … any other alternative.

So Cam better let sleeping dogs lie, right?

Here’s the thing: ?All that Key has to do is find his mojo again. ?Be that self confidence, be that finding advisors that deliver results, or be that to go back to trusting his instincts over trying to take the nation’s pulse before he has an opinion. ? It is clear Key is taking advice from different people these days, and is putting more stock in the opinions of people who he hasn’t relied on as much for the first two terms.

As for the Sabin issue, Whaleoil?started with small nudges last year. ?Cam published not-so subtle nudges a few weeks ago. ?This isn’t based on his personal opinion and sticking a wet finger into the wind. ? It is based on information he gathers.

Cam, and Whaleoil, doesn’t often get things wrong. ? Readers and politicians alike forget why this is. ?It is because our network of people is wide, cross party and as deep as it is wide. ? And yes, Labour and the media have managed to disconnect Key from this network by turning public association with Cam into a negative. ?This is one of the areas where the Dirty Politics plan has worked. ?But only because Key has allowed it to happen.

Dotcom was hammered for a good year with all but a few of our readers failing to see why Whaleoil was the only one that didn’t seem to be able to see the guy was just a jolly fat German rogue. ? The thing to remember is that Cam never stopped. ?He kept telling you more and more, and finally, even after the media had turned Dotcom?into a minor celebrity, did the scales fall from people’s eyes.

It’s early days with Key. ?He can survive this. ?But if he keeps on this course, you’ll find that he’s going to lose out on his coveted fourth term. ?Yes, I know you’re nervous, and I know you want Whaleoil to shut up and go away, but this blog already pulled its punches to make sure it didn’t negatively affect the election result for National, and now it will not pull its punches to try to either get John Key to regain his confidence, or he gets exposed as no longer able to cut the mustard.

What Whaleoil won’t do is tell you a fairy tale about how everything is going well when it isn’t.

Remember: ?we generally know more than others do. ? And in this case, Key has made a dreadful mistake. ? He’s fired people on the issue of a bottle of wine. ?He’s gotten rid of people for using his name to gain favour in a restaurant. ? He’s fired people for making a phone call. ?And in this matter, he’s either frozen in the headlights, taken bad advice, or has been covering up something more despicable than slapping some people around.

In spite of what the left say, Whaleoil isn’t and has never been a National blog. ?The fact is that naturally, this blog tends to align towards the right of politics. ?But the blog has also supported the Greens (marriage equality, clean rivers). ?It also means that when something needs sunlight, Whaleoil tends to shine some on it.

So here we are. ?After two terms, Key is deserving of sunlight. ?Yes, it’s somewhat uncomfortable. ?But Whaleoil wouldn’t be Whaleoil by turning a blind eye.

It is also “our job” (more of a hobby) to think ahead. ?Years ahead. ?Terms ahead. ?John Key isn’t going to last forever. ?At some point things go wrong.

If you want us to stop mentioning Key’s failings, then Key needs to stop making mistakes. ?National is bigger than John Key, and you should stop being so nervous whenever a critical eye is cast over the Government in general, and Key specifically.

Whaleoil’s criticism is based on knowledge, not wishful thinking. ?You need to look at this blog’s track record and then perhaps you can reluctantly accept that if we are critical of someone, it may just be because there is a genuine reason for it, even if you can’t quite see it yet.

And in the Sabin case, we would love to tell you what it is, but the law prevents us from doing so.

So. ?Who do you trust? ?Cam’s Slater’s judgement on matters political, or what you personally wish to be true based on less and filtered information?

Purely from a practical point of view, National should be concerned with succession planning. ?Key won’t last forever. ?We only have to look at Labour to see what happens when nobody is ready to take over after a decade of someone who eliminates all the pretenders to the throne.

Personally, I’m not so worried about Labour winning an election because Key is no longer there. ?My concern is Labour winning because certain people in National have made such a big mess, it can no longer be sheeted home to them individually, and the whole party goes down with it.