Fun with Quotes


Who said this?

A) No country will reach its full potential if its female citizens do not enjoy full equality.”

  1. Helen Clark
  2. Metiria Turei
  3. John Key
  4. Jenny Shipley

B) “Anyone who knows anything of history knows that great social changes are impossible without feminine upheaval. Social progress can be measured exactly by the social position of the fair sex, the ugly ones included”

  1. ?Helen Clark
  2. Jenny Shipley
  3. Karl Marx
  4. Laila Harre

Answers: A) 1 B) 3


C) “We had the most enormous big gay rainbow across my electorate”

  1. Grant Robertson
  2. Maurice Williamson
  3. David Cunliffe
  4. Andrew Little

D) ?It was all steam and no hangi.?

  1. Hone Harawira
  2. Te Ururoa Flavell
  3. Metiria Turei
  4. Kelvin Davis

Answers: C) 2 D) 4

E) “Smart alec, arrogant, quiche eating, chardonnay drinking, pinky finger pointing snobbery, fart blossom.”

  1. Winston Peters
  2. Cameron Slater
  3. Rob Muldoon
  4. Trevor Mallard

F) ?We think it?s, um, pretty legal?

  1. Kim Dotcom
  2. Hone Harawira
  3. Phil Goff
  4. Steven Joyce

Answers: E) 1 F) 4