Get out. You have no rights


I rent.

There is no way I can remain here if the owner wants me out. ?As it should be. ?With the appropriate period providing fair warning, and following the rules laid out to transition such situations between landlord and tenant, I must leave.

A “ruckus” caused by a 60-year-old state house tenant who refused to move has helped to postpone new housing development in part of Glen Innes.

Housing New Zealand has confirmed that the top end of Taniwha St where tenant Ioela (Niki) Rauti lives, near West Tamaki Rd, will not now be developed until 2016.

Its statement followed Tenancy Tribunal decisions yesterday withdrawing a now-dated Housing NZ order for Ms Rauti to leave her house at 14 Taniwha St by January 27 this year, but dismissing Ms Rauti’s claim that the agency’s visits to encourage her to move breached her right to “quiet enjoyment” of her tenancy.

Tribunal adjudicator Amanda Elliott warned Ms Rauti to expect a further 90-day eviction notice when the redevelopment finally happens.

“Unfortunately for everybody, there will still be a 90-day notice coming when that development goes ahead for the people who live in those houses,” she told Ms Rauti and supporters.

Ms Rauti has no right to quiet enjoyment of a government property while she is no longer entitled to live there. ? The stroppy cow is holding up a process that will see other state housing tenants live in clean, modern accommodation. ?It’s all about her and her imagined rights.

Ms Rauti is a member of the Tamaki Housing Group who have been protesting the evictions, house removals and demolitions for three years.

Two weeks ago activists from the group successfully halted the removal of a home from the neighbourhood by locking themselves onto the removal trucks.

The Tamaki Housing group have of course been heavily supported by Mana and Labour as ways to agitate against the government. ? These are the same people first to complain about Housing NZ tenants living in old and run-down properties.

Ms Rauti has no rights to that house, or any house for that matter. ?It is owned by the tax payer, and the tax payer, like any other landlord can tell you to naff off.


Here’s a lovely place for Ms Rauti to move to. ?Right size, close to amenities, and if the very reasonable $385 a week isn’t possible, guess what? ? The long suffering tax payer will help you with an accommodation supplement.

Now get the hell out of that house. ?It’s not yours.


– TVNZ, NZ Herald