Why are we giving a hand out to a profitable company?

The worst welfare bludgers of all are corporate welfare bludgers.

They should know better, and if they can?t make money without the government hand-outs they should close.

It is even more ridiculous when the bludgers are extremely profitable companies like SkyCity.

They made a truck?load of money in the last six months, yet are still wandering around sticking their hand out.

SkyCity Entertainment Group has increased its December half-yearly profit slightly, making $66.6 million normalised net profit after tax, up on its previous $66.4 million.

Why the hell is National even thinking of giving our money to these bludging ratbags?

Subsidies to business are evil.

They made a deal, they should stick to it, and if the government caves then Steven Joyce should resign for being dudded and costing us heaps for what was promised to be free.

If SkyCity don’t like the deal now then they can withdraw, the government can then wind back their licences and removed the extended number of pokies.


– NZ Herald