All of Little’s good work undone by ‘courageous’ pandering to Maori

Andrew Little, ably assisted by a compliant media, has supposedly built up his cred to better proportions than the previous leaders since Clark.

The claims though were specious and come from people who should know better were just plain wrong.

Whatever level of acceptance Andrew Little had managed to claw his way to, though, has been destroyed by his interest in exploring Maori making their own laws…kind of a Maori sharia proposal.

Labour leader Andrew Little has proposed looking at giving Maori greater self-governance, possibly including the ability to make some of their own laws.

Mr Little made the comments yesterday, referring to a Waitangi Tribunal finding last year that Northland Maori did not cede their sovereignty when signing the Treaty.

Prime Minister John Key was criticised by elders at Waitangi for dismissing that report. Mr Little said the Waitangi Tribunal report found Maori should be able to make their own laws on matters affecting them. While that would be “highly problematic” he said it should be looked at.

Mr Little acknowledged it could concern some New Zealanders. “The fear is always that these things turn into a ‘they are getting special privilege’ or ‘they are getting a control we would never be able to have’. We have to be sensitive to that, but we’ve also got to understand for iwi now and those who have had their settlements and developed their own economic base, there are some things we might want to say they can be responsible for that is consistent with historical obligations.”

He said it was time to look at what would happen after the settlements were completed.

He said some Native American tribes had law-making powers over their territories in the United States where recognised tribes were exempt from some laws – including taxation – and could create their own laws in many areas. Mr Little said allowing separate law-making was “highly problematic”.

“But we shouldn’t be so dismissive of any claim by iwi over what they do. We do have to function as a nation-state and we don’t want to compromise that. But let’s have a look at it.”

Mr Key said allowing some iwi the ability to make their own law would be “divisive” and he did not support the suggestion.

Andrew Little, in one fell swoop, shown just how hopelessly out of touch with middle New Zealand he is.

Suggesting that he would, and by inference Labour, would essentially support apartheid laws that give separate law making ability to Maori isn’t going to go down well with the public.

This is exactly the same wonky thinking that left to Andrew Little telling us that Labour wanted to move the onus of proof in rape cases from the prosecution tom the defence.

The problem with Labour is that it is made up of small special interest groups who refuse to work together. When the leader panders to one group he alienates the others.

It is claimed that more than a million voters are missing, and Labour further claims that those voters are theirs.

It is stupidity like this that drives voters away from Labour.

Essentially Labour is saying that we should have some sort of separate legal system for Maori…kind of like sharia law for Muslims.

In this case we may as well call it Maori sharia law.

We live in this country together, proposals like this are creating divisions not solving any problems.

I don’t think Andrew Little thought this through at all.

What remaining support Labour had with middle New Zealand has now been pissed away with pandering to some specious claim from the Waitangi Tribunal.

Labour seems to now have this view that when the Tribunal speaks it is gospel. Helen Clark had no such delusions…she moved swiftly over the foreshore and seabed issue that arose from similar lunacy from?the?Tribunal.

Labour still is nowhere near being in a position to govern, especially if they and their leader continue to spout this sort of clap-trap.

It reminds me of that Yes Minister episode where Hacker is told he is “courageous”.


– NZ Herald