Does Grant Robertson get it?

Grant Robertson, fresh from his second loss in a Labour leadership election has started a ?Future of Work? Commission.

As you would expect from a guy who has never worked in the real world, the Commission is talking about stuff that is not really relevant to the massive numbers of self employed and small business owners that make up the bulk of the New Zealand workforce.

Speaking today at the Future of Work Conference at the Auckland University of Technology, Chair of the Commission and Labour Finance spokesperson Grant Robertson outlined the themes and structure of the Commission that will run over the next two years.

?The five work streams are: technology, security of work and income, education and training, Maori and Pasifika, and economic development and sustainability.

So Grant, how will any of this get small businesses to take on more staff?

How will it get small businesses to even engage with you when you haven?t even thought about what matters to them?

Have you ever thought about asking small businesses what they think of the minimum wage for youth, and whether it means they will only employ people with experience rather than taking a punt on someone new?

Or have you ever thought about how much of a barrier removing the ninety day trial is for a small business? Or is that not something that has ever crossed your beltway developed brain?

And what about compliance costs?

Have you ever thought about how a small business facing a massive regulatory burden might just think ?stuff it, I can?t be arsed doing all this bullshit paperwork so I will just stay small??

Until you show you understand the issues that face the majority of businesses in New Zealand, the small businesses, the Future of Work Commission is a commission of wasting time.