Growing pains at Countdown online

Guest post

I’m a regular customer of Countdown’s on-line shopping service and have the groceries delivered to my home. ?Last weekend they upgraded their web site. ?I decided to stay clear for a few days, but when I tried to use it yesterday morning, it wasn’t even working.

That should have been a hint.

I placed my order, and paid. ?But then I noticed that a discount hadn’t come through on one of the products.


I checked my invoice as well the the shopping cart on the screen



I phoned their customer service centre who were very happy to give me the missing discount, but they couldn’t guarantee none of my other products had been overcharged either.

I was told they were having lots of problems, and I wasn’t the first to ring. ?Credit where it is due – they contacted the techie people for an update and an explanation, but they got nothing back they could tell me.

I left them with the thought that all the orders would need to be re-processed to ensure they were correctly billed. ?But, you know, I told that to a customer service person, so who knows what Countdown will do.

Nation-wide, this looks like they could make some extra money, and I don’t like that idea. ?I’ve waited all day to get a corrected invoice in my email… nothing.

So I suspect that whatever errors are in the system now, people are going to have pay up.

Unless you check things item by item and ask for a manual adjustment on the phone, I don’t get the impression they’re interested in fixing this.

Thanks for reading my story. ?Check your orders and what you pay.

– Jess

So there you are customers: ?check your invoices. ?Although I think it should be possible to lay a complaint with the Commerce Commission if Countdown aren’t going to re-run their invoicing and adjusting the errors that their systems are currently throwing up.

What if the pricing for their on-line shop is taken from the same specials database as the ones used by the checkouts?

I bet if Countdown were applying a discount to all products they’d be quite keen to run the invoices again.

I just checked, and it seems they’re having bigger problems now


Perhaps it’s time they pull the web site down and stop selling until it’s all fixed.

And then they still need to re-run the invoices.