Guest Post: Best Little Capital group launched

Wellingtonians would be dumber than a sack of hammers to want an Auckland style ?Super City? for the capital. ?Unfortunately it?s all the vested interests, ratepayer funded throughers and former MP who were forced into retirement now pushing for amalgamation. ?A couple of young lawyers from Wellington law firm Franks Ogilvie have, on their own bat, launched a group to coordinate resistance and push back against Wellingtonians falling for the ?bigger is better? rhetoric.

New Group Against?Amalgamation

A group of Wellingtonians have launched a campaign to resist the Greater Wellington Regional Council?s scheme to amalgamate Wellington?s existing councils. The group, Best Little Capital, has been formed by Wellingtonians Michael Moughan and Digby Livingston.?

Mr Moughan says, ?Best Little Capital is a call to arms for those who want better local government, but worry that Wellington City has been drifting towards amalgamation without establishing that it is the right solution for the region?s problems.??

?We think that the case for amalgamation lacks convincing evidence. It is a lazy would-be solution to a problem that has never been adequately articulated.??

?The pro-amalgamation campaign seems to be carefully orchestrated and largely ratepayer funded. It is now becoming obvious that it is the scheme of a small but vocal minority. Alterations to the structure of local democracy should be after careful analysis of evidence. Instead we?ve been offered emotional sloganeering.??

?Wellington City is already a ?super city?. It has a unique culture. We do not want it stifled by bureaucratic mediocrity and compromise.??

Their website is here. ?Looks to be pretty grassroots at this stage, but my spies in Labour and the Greens tell me that they?re backing the campaign with both the left and the right terrified of Fran?Wilde?creating a lower North Island dictatorship.

Given this is the same law firm that the Taxpayers? Union was borne out of, and that they?ve now got left-wingers getting into political entrepreneurship, I?ll be keeping an eye on this project.