Guest post: Dear Leaders of Tomorrow. A letter from Gen X to Gen Y

As readers will know this is not an echo chamber and at times we post dissenting views or views on topics we haven’t covered ourselves but readers would like covered.

I received this submission this morning via email.

To the free thinkers in Gen Y and Gen zero.

Dear Leaders of Tomorrow?.

How to change the world to the one that you want to live in.

Learn understand and use ‘Systems Analysis’ for it is used for fixing all manner of broken systems.

Step one: determine what the nature and the purpose of ?The System? should be

Ask the questions..

Who should the system be for?

What should its purpose be?

The answer to the first question should be ?the people? not just some but all of the people.

The answer to the second should be whatever the optimal state is for those that the system should be for.

For people that is to be in a state of happiness.

Happiness = Maslow’s Hierarchy for people

Happiness is different for each individual, but some or all of the contents of Maslow’s are required in an individual’s life for them to be happy.

Maslow’s is also used as the basis for much economic theory so its a good place to start. ?

Step 2: Establish a new constitution based on Maslow’s to protect and enshrine in legislation an individual’s right to happiness.

Step 3: Introduce a UBI (Universal Basic Income)

This is to ensure that whilst you transition to a better system for everyone, that until the transition is made that with a UBI in place people will have a much better chance at happiness.

Step 4: Undertake a review of all businesses/organisations in all sectors.

Determine the roles performed in these businesses.

Step 5: identify those roles that can be automated with today’s technology.

Step 6: direct resources towards automating them and freeing yourselves from having to work.

Step 7: introduce the concept of ‘usership’ instead of ownership. Important Note: allow people to transition to users at there own pace. do not force this, instead let it happen organically but provide goods and services in a way that makes sense for them to do so. If people need a good example of ?Usership?, show?them the internet.

Step 8: When it is no longer required, remove the money. Again do not force this but do it when collectively as a society it makes sense to do so.

Good Luck and Best Wishes.

Make the world a place you would be proud to bring a child into.