Helen Kelly reveals she has lung cancer



Helen Kelly has announced that she has lung cancer.

Council of Trade Unions (CTU) president Helen Kelly has been diagnosed with lung cancer.

In an email to trade union colleagues last night, Kelly said she would be undergoing additional tests to determine the prognosis.

“I have a string of appointments now and I hope by 9 March to have a plan of some sort,” she said.

“I am looking after myself and feel remarkably well all things considered.”

She thanked her colleagues for their “beautiful support” this week. ??

Kelly, 50, was elected CTU president in 2007.

In her email she said rumours of her demise had been “exaggerated”.

Kelly told One News she was not a smoker and had never smoked.

We may be on opposites side politically, and Helen Kelly has certainly attacked me personally many times, but the last thing anyone would want is to contract cancer.

Having watched my own mother battle through cancer it is something I can empathise with.

I hope she has the same doctor as Matt McCarten as he seems to be the world’s worst diagnoser of cancer.

I wish Helen Kelly well as she battles this disease, and hope she overcomes it and has the love and support of her family as she undertakes treatment.

Kia Kaha Helen.