Herald rewards ?Dirty Business? traders with ongoing column

The Herald, despite railing against ?Dirty Politics? for several months of last year, appear to be perfectly comfortable with ?Dirty Business? by publishing the business column of Brian Gaynor in this morning?s Weekend Herald.

Gaynor is the director of Milford Asset Management, the company being under allegations of stock manipulation.

Milford, who are now reputedly in bunker mode as their business reputation is shredded from multiple directions, are currently being investigated by the FMA on request of the NZX, who appear to have picked up irregularities in certain trades in technology companies.

Yet the NZX instigated complaint is not enough to stop the Herald from publishing Gaynor?s utterances – a man who has lectured the Herald readership on business ethics with great gusto.

Remember – Dirty Politics allegations are enough to warrant a hounding from Herald journos, but Dirty Business allegations makes you one of the team. ??

No mention of the FMA investigation either. At least, not online. And certainly not a mention from that other paragon of virtue at The NZ Herald Fran O’Sullivan, though she was tweeting up a storm this week chock full of sanctimony. Earlier she demanded that the FMA boss come clean on just precisely what the FMA is looking at with Milford…surely that is seeking to influence yet another investigation using her column as the bully pulpit.

The NZ Herald has shamed itself by allowing Brian Gaynor to continue with his column, but there is one gold nugget – his ?About Brian Gaynor? blurb.


He has a particular passion for the NZX and its regulation?he suffered through the non-regulated period of the NZX apparently…

Wow,?these Herald columnists think their shit doesn’t stink.

Here’s hoping that the FMA doesn’t exhibit ‘weak stewardship’ this time around.