Here’s an idea for Len: Mayor memorabilia


There is possibly only one major in the world with less shame than Len Brown.

Anyone interested in buying a piece of Rob Ford history has the chance to do so.

The notorious former Toronto mayor and now city councillor is auctioning off some of the memorabilia he has collected over the years, including what appears to be the football tie he wore when he admitted to smoking crack cocaine. In the eBay description, Ford said the tie is the “only one of these in existence” and features logos from NFL teams past and present.

By Wednesday evening the tie had been bid up to about $US400.

Ford’s term was plagued by scandals involving drinking, crack cocaine use and erratic behaviour.

Ten percent of the proceeds will go toward research and care facilities for liposarcoma, the form of cancer for which Ford is being treated.

Other items up for auction include a Saskatchewan Roughriders jersey and patterned pants he was photographed wearing on a shopping trip to Wal-Mart.

The listings say the items come with a certificate of authenticity signed by Ford.

This could be Len’s way to redemption too! ?Let’s start selling some stuff for charity Len. ?I’ll start the list of suggested items, my readers will add to it I’m sure.

  • The desk phone you used to have sexy time talk with Bevan
  • The desk chair you used when you released yourself during a call with Bevan
  • The carpet under the desk, perhaps in squares, authenticated by using a black light and signed on the back?
  • Taxi chits you used when you had a mayoral car with a driver but chose not to use them.
  • Signed photos of you and Bevan and various locations
  • Shan’s wedding ring. ?That way she doesn’t have to pop it on when going out

And I can ask this guy if he will donate his sign for you to auction off.


Now. ?What charity should this money go to?



– One News