The Hitchhikers Guide to Irrelevance

Laila Harre – the hitchhiker’s guide to irrelevance.? She now?ought to be appropriately careful about whose bandwagon to climb?aboard.

Two sisters, hitch-hiking just south of Dannevirke on Sunday, seemed a little unusual. Upon stopping to give them a ride, it was discovered the women were Laila and Niki Harre.

On their website ““, they say:

“After the 2014 election result, Laila wanted to go bush and Niki wanted to go on a pilgrimage to inspire social change. So we made a pact to spend February on the road in a quest to explore new ways of living well together. We want to discuss all possibilities. Even (especially) those that seem impossible given our current political establishment, the media, and the narrow field of public debate.”

They have been on the road since February 1, visiting towns from Thames through the Bay of Plenty to Gisborne, Wairoa to Napier.

They had public events arranged in many of these places and were heading to Featherston on Sunday, February 8.

They say: ??

“We are not carrying any money. We are doing this to ensure that our tour stays outside the current system of economic exchange, a small gesture towards the radical rethinking we hope to discover. We are not after a freebie though. We have donated $4000 to grassroots social change and community groups to reflect the nominal cost of the hospitality we will depend on.”

What a load of sanctimonious twaddle…Laila Harre is independently wealthy, their claim of not carrying any money is horse dung.

As for Laila wanting to go bush…well, she went skiing instead with a corporate shill.

She may hide but her time is coming…when the truth of what she got up to during the election will be revealed.

The stars are aligning. But here is a question media can ask Laila on their next coincidental hitchhiker pick up…How did Laila Harre know that an MP’s private?email account wasn’t hacked as she claimed at a public meeting in Paremoremo during the election? How could she know for certain?

In the mean time they can carry on being irrelevant.


– HB Today