Hosking gets it right on Little

Mike Hosking may be a bit of a preening rooster with a funny haircut but he does get politics.

He gives Andrew Little a good kick in the arse for his dumb Iwi making their own laws policy.

I think Andrew Little might have made his first major mistake as Labour leader.

It?s generally accepted he?s made an excellent start. Polls show him to be a real contender and a worthy opponent of the Prime Minister. But then he wandered into the self-governance debate at Waitangi and instead of doing the sensible and dare I suggest obvious thing and reject it, he started suggesting we should look at it and talk about it.

Separatism and its debate is political dynamite.

Yes it is dynamite, because it tells middle New Zealand that they don?t need to listen to anything else from Little. ?

They can comfortably hang up the phone again because that nice John Key doesn?t really have an opponent that understands their values.

His real mistake is he?s stepped outside his brief as the leader of a Party looking to head back towards the mainstream.

This is a bloke who needs to haul his Party from 25 percent to 40 percent, and there is no way in hell you do that by wandering off down the separatism track.

40 percent support is found in middle New Zealand, mortgage belt New Zealand, suburban New Zealand.

Regular ordinary everyday Kiwis and those people aren’t into radicalism. They?re not into separatism; they?re into housing, schools, the cost of living, and jobs.

The National Government is into its third term, because it inherently gets that and delivers on it.

For every second Andrew Little talks outside the middle, he?s appealing to the wrong crowd, and a bloke on trial with a 25 percent share can?t afford to do that.

So far for all the good work Andrew Little has apparently done he still hasn?t got Labour back to the levels David Shearer had when Grant Robertson and David Cunliffe knifed him.