Hosking on Waitangi Day

via Te Ara

via Te Ara

I turned off Waitangi day years ago. I have been there many times and actually being there on a sunny day. With the harbour sparkling it?s a stunning place. It?s the people and the attitudes that ruin it.

I honestly don?t know why they keep it the focus of attention. Well?I do, but I don?t know why they haven?t sorted it out over the years. Why would John Key get or expect a rough reception?

Treaty relations in this country have been painstakingly worked on for 30 years.

In modern history no one has done more for race relations and Treaty relations than this Government, the Labour Government before them and the Bolger Shipley Government before that.

In fact, although Labour invented the Waitangi tribunal, it was the Government of Bolger with Doug Graham leading the issue that made the most impressive and historic progress.

Year in, year out deals have been done, apologies have been made. Wrongs have been put right. No it is not finished, it is not perfect, but to remain angry or frustrated and have a desire to make noise on our national day, to cause trouble, merely shows you to be a professional stirrer.

It is ‘rent a crowd’ and I think I speak on behalf of many in suggesting we?re sick of it. Sick of it, switched off and moved on.

For most of us it?s a day off, a day at the beach, a day with the kids. It is not the national day it should be because most of us have been brought up to feel left out.

National days reflect the nation, not one race and their perceived ongoing issues. If every one of us is a New Zealander, then every one of us has a part, not that you?d ever know it.

A national day should be a day of celebration because there is so much to celebrate. Thanksgiving in America isn’t marked by trouble. Australia Day isn?t headlined by race issues. Why oh why have we allowed ours to be?

And it?s led once again this year with nothing less than a Prime Ministerial preview – forecasting a rough reception.

Perhaps this needs a viewer/reader boycott. ?Any news outlet that pushes the (minor) controversial side of Waitangi Day in favour of what the rest of the country is getting up to should realise they are catering to their own lust for drama while the rest of the country is actually pining for a day without the Harawira clan side show.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that as soon as the media stop providing the platform, the protests-for-camera will all but disappear.


– Newstalk ZB