I’m sure Kim has asked for some to be put on lay-by*

Some cool Nazi stuff for sale in South Auckland.


Temporary tattoos featuring Nazi symbols are being sold to children at an Auckland shop.

Parents say they’re confused about why the tattoos are stocked in the kid’s section of Manukau discount store No. 1 Mart.

Anthony Smith was shopping with his four-year-old daughter this morning when he stumbled across the “weird” designs, including a Nazi-styled eagle perched over a swastika.

“I had a look and yeah, it was an actual swastika with an eagle, next to peace signs weirdly enough.

“Maybe they figured putting them together evened things out, I’m not sure.”

Staff member Fili said she was aware of one complaint made last week about the temporary tattoos.

She said they had been on the shelves for three years, retailing for $1 per packet, though she had never seen anyone buy them.

“I’ve never sold any of them, I don’t know about the other staff.”

She was unsure if they would be removed, but said it would be a decision for management to make.

The eagle over the swastika design is known as the Parteiadler and was a prominent symbol during Adolf Hitler’s rule of Nazi Germany.

I’m sure it’ll have its fans.

The eagle, or Reichsadler, goes back a lot further. ?But yes, the swastika is bound to get some people excited.

I suspect it is on sale through ignorance. ?Yet on the other hand, there are a number of “Genghis Khan” restaurants as well. ? Time and generations makes people forget the dreadful history behind such symbolism.

But then, some celebrate it all the same.

Kim Dotcom showing off his Waffen SS helmet

Kim Dotcom showing off his Waffen SS helmet

* Just kidding Kim. ?Artistic license. ?I’m sure you didn’t use lay-by.


– Josh Fagan, Stuff