Some very impertinent questions for the SST and Simon Day

This morning the Sunday Star-Times and Simon Day did a hit job on Alwyn Poole’ Mt Hobson Middle School.

I have seen correspondence between Simon Day and Alwyn Poole.

In that correspondence Simon Day claims he was far too busy to attend Mt Hobson Middle School.

However when you look at the online piece for the same story it seems Simon Day and Fairfax had more than enough time to attend the boy’s news school and make 3 lovely videos with background music, but no time at all to visit their target.

However, we now know from the piece that the child in question attends Alfriston College.

Which raises some questions that Simon Day really should have included in his piece.

If Alfriston College have been complicit with Mr Day… and from the extensive video I would say they have, then perhaps they might like to answer these two questions from the get go.

These are questions Simon?Day could have asked but?didn’t given the planning that has gone into this hit job. ?

1. – When Alfriston College?have an average of 7% of their children truant each day – do they return 7% of their funding because the provision is not required? That amount would be approximately $658,000 of taxpayer money (i.e. 7% f the $9.4 million of taxpayer funding received per annum).

2. – Given that Alfriston College’s?Level 1 NCEA failure rate is 41.4% greater than the national average, and their?level 2 NCEA failure rate is 96% above national average, and their?Level 3 failure rate is 66% above national average…do they return taxpayer funding in in acknowledgement of that clear lack of success?

I focus on those particular points because that is the thrust of the hit job…that Mt Hobson Middle School pocketed around $4000.

It would seem that the wondrous state school that the child now attends is scalping the taxpayers for far more…if that is indeed the standard that Simon Day and his editors at the Sunday Star-Times are holding Alwyn Poole to.

The behaviour of Simon Day and presumably his editors needs some serious questions.

It is seriously bizarre stuff.

I will bet a dollar to a knob of goat poo?that this?has everything to do with a print?piece from me last week which is still not online where Alwyn Poole criticised their reporters for their inaccurate attack on their new principal.


It?certainly sounds and looks like an orchestrated hit job and media bullying for daring to question the motivations of Fairfax staff.

From what I have seen this is a clear case of media bullying based on political ideology.