The inherent dishonesty of Toyota

The other day I received an email from Hunting &?Fishing, I’m on their mailing list.

In the middle of the email was this ad:


Can anyone spot the problem?

That’s right Toyota are claiming to be the one selling ute in NZ…which they aren’t that is the Ford Ranger, which was the number one selling truck in NZ for 2014 breaking a decades long stranglehold by Toyota.

On Facebook they are claiming something similar. ?

toyota facebook

It is face saving spin really, but inherently dishonest. A bit like the French throwing themselves a ticker tape parade after the last RWC and saying they?re No1*

*in continental Europe.

They?ve received quite bit of abuse about it but apparently keep carrying on. Here?s one FB commenter that sums it up quite well. It?s from the Toyota FB page where they posted their ?#1? ad shown above:

Utterly deceiving marketing- Ford Ranger was the number One Selling truck for 2014, breaking the 31 year stranglehold by Hilux.

Trying to somehow split it down into 2wd and 4wd variants (who on earth cares about those?) to claim some sort of hollow victory coupled with a pretty vindictive tag line, is a low point in Toyota marketing.

Shame on you Toyota New Zealand.

David Cunliffe gave a better concession speech than you guys!

Funny but they actually just draw attention to the Ranger winning.

You?d think they ignore it and concentrate on their overall numbers and Corolla being #1 overall.

Sore losers I guess.