An interesting comparison on media reaction

So let’s line this up.

A person or persons illegally obtains my emails and gives those to a “journalist”, who writes a book to make money off stolen items. The media then become outraged because the?book reveals that I expect to be compensated for my time, and that I help a political party, politicians and also private companies, lobby groups and individuals whose ideals and beliefs match mine.

Apparently that is evil. Apparently it warrants an attack on my advertisers, demands I be stripped of any jobs I may have, vilification of my friends, attempts to hound them out of jobs and a general witch hunt to root out “dirty politics”.

Andrew Little has made much of this and spoken about it in parliament. ?

Until yesterday that is…when it was found out that he hired a journalist and didn’t pay him and he gets a slap with a wet bus ticket but no one at all questions the ability of David Cohen to earn money however he sees fit, even if it is from a politician, and one who so sanctimoniously declared that he and his party don’t do the things that he accuses me and National of doing.

No media have started hounding Andrew Little about how many other media people he has hired, who are members of Labour or not. No one questions the media people who stand for Labour.

The media themselves aren’t now standing outside David Cohen’s house attacking his family for working for Andrew Little undeclared last year.

For the record David Cohen can work for whomever he wants, plenty of other journalists moonlight while maintaining a lofty aloofness of journalistic purity, Fran O’Sullivan springs to mind…but he should choose his clients a bit more wisely…he should choose those with a willingness and ability to pay on time.

He is perfectly entitled to earn a crust, as am I.

I?merely draw the interesting comparison for you dear readers…perhaps I have missed something…perhaps I have not, after all I’ve been highlighting the hypocrisy of journalists for ever.