Is Andrew Little Changing Labour’s Policy on Roads?

Andrew Little was in Northland for the campaign launch of Labour?s by election candidate Willow-Jean Prime.

In a confusing move he said the following:

Although a safe blue seat, Little said the party will focus on roads and jobs. “Northland shouldn’t be taken for granted. By voting for Willow Jean, who is a very dynamic candidate and sending her to Parliament, you can send a message. Unemployment is very high, people notice it and want something done about it.”A spokesman for Key said he was “doing media” today.

Sources inside Labour are saying they are somewhat mystified by this statement.

No one quite knows whether Little means ?roads? including the ?holiday highway? also known as State Highway One.

And does he mean that he is swallowing a big dead rat and stop Labour?s ideological attachment to the vastly expensive Rail Loop and spend money on the roads most Aucklanders want?

Little is certainly right to focus on roads because they are the single biggest thing holding back the North.

However Labour os going to have to drop their derisory epithet for State Highway One.

I suspect that Labour is only going to focus on roads for the by-election, soon after they lose they will revert to their real position, that of opposing any roads north of Auckland.


– Fairfax