Is Labour changing its policy on Climate Change now?

Labour has said that climate change is one of the biggest issues facing New Zealand.

They also say repeatedly that the government’s solution or policies on climate change aren’t bold enough and that New Zealand must do more and that National is sitting on its hands while the world burns.

New Zealand’s carbon emissions are about 0.15% of the world’s emissions yet Labour says we must do more, set an example for the rest of the world and if we do that then other countries will lift their game

It appears though that their policy on climate is dead in the water.


Well because it fails their own logic argument.?

Labour says that we shouldn’t get involved in Iraq and fighting ISIS because we are small, our contribution won’t make a blind bit of difference and it will be ineffective against ISIS.

On this basis they say John Key is wrong to get involved in stopping outrageous criminal human rights abuses against women, children, christians, jews, homosexuals and other innocents.

They say it is not our problem, we are too small, and can’t effect any meaningful change.

Based on that logic is is also a waste of time pursuing draconian taxes in order to halt carbon emissions on the basis that we are so small and tiny that anything we do will be ineffectual.

I congratulate the Labour party on changing their climate policy.

Similarly, perhaps we could review the taking of refugees, after all we can only take about a 100 per year, it’s such a small number, makes no dent int he world refugee problem, we simply shouldn’t bother using Labour’s logic.

I am getting into the swing of these Labour logic problems…we could also reduce parliament’s size, after all we only have around 4.5 million people, we certainly don;t need 121 MPs for that few a number of people. I am sure we could manage with just 60.

Anyway good on Labour and Andrew Little realising that there is little we can do to effect global changes on climate and thereby abandoning their policies in that regard.