ISIS now organ harvesting to fund operations


No wonder they cut the throat, they want the organs intact.

The Islamic State is harvesting human organs to finance its blood-driven caliphate, according to Iraq?s ambassador to the United Nations, urging its Security Council to investigate the issue.

Envoy Mohamed Alhakim called on the 15-member body to look at allegations of organ removal by the Islamic State (formerly ISIS) as bodies with surgical incisions and missing kidneys were discovered in shallow mass graves.

?We have bodies. Come and examine them,? the envoy, Mohamed Alhakim, said on Tuesday.

?It is clear they are missing certain parts,? the diplomat also noted, adding that a dozen doctors were executed in in northern Iraq, after allegedly refusing to harvest organs of the ISIS victims.

The Islamic State is guilty of ?crimes of genocide? of ethnic groups, Alhakim said.

?These terrorist groups have desecrated all human values. They have committed the most heinous criminal terrorist acts against the Iraqi people whether Shi’ite, Sunni, Christians, Turkmen, Shabak or Yazidis,? Iraq?s UN Ambassador said.

But hey Labour, Green Taliban and left wing Twitterati, let’s not go. ?None of our business, and if we go where we’re not wanted, all we’ll do is get more problems.

This ISIS thing is now beyond description. ?Commentators say they are extremely clever and savvy in the use of the Internet and media manipulation, but to be honest, I see no acceptable end game for them this way.

First it was one person. ?Then they killed two. ?Then they burned one. ?Then they killed 21. ?Then they burned 45. ?And now mutilation to sell their organs?

It’s nothing but a genocide. ? I’m proud we are part of putting a stop to it.


– RT