John Key got the Mike Sabin scandal Wrong


The Mike Sabin scandal was something that could have easily been closed off quickly with some decisive action from John Key.

Instead he has let it fester on and given his opponents the opportunity to attack him on ethics. ?

As soon as Key found out about the potential criminal charges against Sabin he should have had someone waterboard Sabin to find out the truth of the matter.

Depending on the answer Sabin should have been either given the option to resign with dignity, or lose his dignity and be forced out.

The soft option would have been to suspend Sabin from caucus while he fought the charges, if he insisted he was innocent.

By letting this drag on for months all that is happened is that Sabin had months of rumours and innuendo, and Key faces attacks on his ethics.

If the opposition were really smart they would immediately leave the Sabin issue alone and start asking Key whether he would sack anyone with a domestic violence issues, and if not why not.