John Key has a no dickheads rule too

All good team captains, coaches and politicians have a “no dickheads” rule.

I do, I won’t work with dickheads…and I tell them that.

It looks like John Key has a no dickheads rule.

Prime Minister John Key says there is “zero” chance of Aaron Gilmore?returning to Parliament.

Gilmore, a former National Party back-bencher, reluctantly quit in?2013 over a boozy night in Hanmer Springs.

It was claimed he abused a waiter, demanding “don’t you know who I am?” and threatened to have Key intervene to have the man sacked. He also allegedly called the waiter a dickhead. Gilmore denied the allegations, but later apologised for his behaviour.

“I’m sorry for my arrogance and rudeness to the barman when I was leaving the restaurant,” Gilmore said. ??

“If there was a dickhead that night it was me.”

Gilmore was elected to the National party’s Christchurch East?electorate committee on Monday, apparently because there were not?enough people at the meeting to run against him.

The media really are muppets though.

Christchurch East has barely 100 members, it is controlled mainly by the board, candidate selections are board selections…and there was never going to be heaps of people at the meeting.

It is a mistake to say there weren’t enough people to run against him and the reality is he is on a boring committee that usually decides how many raffles and sausage sizzles and maybe a garden party or two will be held during the year.

Being on a committee is not a usual way to try to get into parliament and as Christchurch East would almost certainly be a board selection it is unlikely he would get selected at all.

The safety clause though is John Key’s no dickheads rule.


– fairfax