John Key not playing to a home crowd at the Big Gay Out

via 2020

via 2020

Prime Minister John Key was greeted with boos by the “mostly Labour?and Green”-supporting crowd at Auckland’s Big Gay Out.

This year’s event is the biggest and most family-friendly crowd in the?history of Big Gay Out – full of colourful outfits, a market and food?stalls, all over-looking Auckland’s harbour.

But the festivities didn’t stretch to the Prime Minister’s welcome. Instead, he was mostly booed at by punters to the dismay of the MC?who chided the crowd and asked them not to boo.

John Key acknowledged that when he first came to this event nine years?ago National had “one per cent of the support of the gay community”.

“But we’ve turned that around. I voted for gay marriage,” he said.

Fact is that most of them are probably out of the closet when it comes to their sexuality, but they are still in the closet when it comes to admitting they actually quite like John Key.

Famous Auckland drag queen Miss Ribena ?said most of?the crowd were “Labour and Greens supporters”.

The truth is, the crowd still haven’t forgiven Key about his gay shirt.