July 6 for farcical re-trial of Banksie

Quite how the Crown is going to carry on this case now that the three star witnesses have been shown to be less than honest is beyond me, but they are going to give it a go on July 6.

one would hope that John Banks is going to request to see all the evidence they have after Dotcom, his estranged missus and bodyguard have all been shown up.

There is already one High Court judge left red-faced over this debacle I doubt there will be another so willing to believe a fat German crook and his paid for hench-people.

John Banks will get a second shot at clearing his name when he faces a retrial in July on charges he falsely declared donations from Kim Dotcom as anonymous.

The former ACT leader and Epsom MP appeared in the High Court at Auckland on Wednesday where Justice Graham Lang set down a retrial date of July 6.

Banks has been remanded at large until the trial. ??

The 68-year-old will again face charges he declared two $25,000 donations to his 2010 failed Auckland mayoralty bid anonymous when he knew they were from internet piracy accused Mr Dotcom.

Banks was found guilty of the charges at a judge-alone trial last year, but in November the Court of Appeal overturned his convictions and ordered a new trial.

The Solicitor-General Mike Heron confirmed the new trial last month.

The successful appeal follows detective work by his wife Amanda which pulled up new evidence from lunchtime witnesses at Dotcom’s mansion – where the donation was allegedly discussed.


The appeal destroyed the Crown’s evidence, I’ll bet David Fisher wasn’t dancing a jig like when the appeal was upheld like he did when Banksie was wrongly convicted.

His pals were shown to be liars, and possibly to have committed perjury.

– 3 News