Just the facts ma’am

So here are the facts

– Unemployment is up 0.3% in the last quarter

– Job numbers up 1.2% in the last quarter

– Annual job growth rate now at 5.3%

-?0.7% rise in people actually looking for work

– Average hourly earnings rose 2.6% over the year

If you were a journalist, how would you write a story about the above? ?What would be your headline?


Now, unemployment rose from 5.4% to 5.7% on the back of an increased amount of people looking for work exceeding an increased amount of jobs being available – all due to an economy that’s doing well right now.

How would you describe such an increase?


And this is from a journalist writing for the business section.

This is why journalism is broken. ? This is why people are turning off, tuning out and getting frustrated.

It’s not an opinion piece, so let’s just stick to the facts without trying to spin it into an emergency that it obviously isn’t.

I mean, it’s a veritable dolenado! ?A joblessnami!