Whaleoil Guest Blogger Kevin Hague to run for leader of Green Party

Whaleoil Guest Blogger Kevin Hague is ready to lead the Green Taliban. ?Now I like Kevin, but (and the fact this is even possible…) he has less charisma than Russel Noman.

Green MP Kevin Hague is the first person to officially put himself forward as a possible co-leader to take the party’s reins after Russel Norman leaves in May.

Speculation had been rife Mr Hague would contest the role, but he had remained silent on his run.

Well, since Russel Norman got the message to find things to do at home, it has been a pretty open secret Kevin wasn’t entirely a bystander in the downfall of the Great Australian flagbearer for the Green Party.

Dr Norman announced last month he would not stand as co-leader at the party’s annual general meeting in May, after nine years in the job.

Today Mr Hague, who had been the caucus strategist for the past six years, said he, along with Dr Norman and fellow co-leader Metiria Turei, had “improved the capability of our team”.

“Now with Russel stepping down I relish the opportunity and the responsibility of taking the Green Party to the next stage of entering government,” he said.

“To do that we’re going to need to be pretty clear about who we are, what we stand for.”

Mr Hague also spoke about finding “common ground” with other parties, including National.

I have no doubt he will be an efficient leader for the Greens, but the problem will be that he must not make himself the main messenger; instead making sure his media friendly MPs get the air time.

Positioning the Green Party to work with?National would be a double edged sword. ?For one it would keep National from drifting right, but it would also mean there is space for ACT and the Conservative Party to gain ground.

And, of course, little parties get eaten by their major coalition partners. ?The Greens would be forever tainted. ?Just look at the likes of the Maori Party and the Alliance – they were blamed for everything that the coalition government did.


– 3 News, Chris Trotter, Rodney Hide