Kim Dotcom is broke. Again. While living in a mansion. And leasing cars.

It’s all relative, apparently.

A “broke and destitute” Kim Dotcom appeared in front of Justice Patricia Courtney today in a legal bid to recover some of his frozen assets to pay mounting legal fees, said to be about $4 million.

The internet entrepreneur’s assets, valued about NZ$11.8m, were restrained when attempts began in January 2012 to extradite him to the US to face criminal charges for breach of copyright.

The family was allowed an allowance of $20,000 a month but given the legal fees, the costs of running the family mansion and feeding five children?Dotcom said he had been left “broke,” “destitute” and “penniless”.

Someone needs to mow the lawns. ?Someone needs to do the dishes. ?Someone needs to wash the clothes. ?Someone needs to clean the bathrooms. ?Someone needs to vacuum. ?Someone needs to cook.

You can’t tell me Kim Dotcom does all that himself. ? Ergo – he’s not penniless, broke or destitute. ?

…Mona Dotcom withdrew her opposition to Dotcom’s application and the court heard she had been forced to borrow money from friends and associates and had sold items from their Coatesville mansion in order to feed herself, the mansion’s staff, and her and Dotcom’s five children.

She wept softly during the proceedings this afternoon when details of the family’s dire financial situation were heard.

Mona Dotcom was initially the sole trustee of the family trust, containing the family’s millions, but said she never objected to paying for anything Kim Dotcom required, including his musical endeavour, a dance CD called?Good Times, and his political aspirations.

She believed Dotcom’s claims that his involvement with the Internet Mana party would eventually relieve the family of his threat of extradition, she said.

Yes, well. ?You’re listening to a proven liar, scam artist and fraudster who is charged with racketeering, criminal conspiracy and money laundering charges. ?But hey, you pick who you believe darling.

“At the end I was fine with it because Kim explained to me how this Internet Party would benefit us and the kids because it would help him with his political issues,” she said.

She agreed when Dotcom’s lawyer Ron Mansfield put to her that their family was essentially left destitute after their assets were frozen.

In his summing up this afternoon Mansfield asked for “reasonable living costs” for Kim Dotcom as well as enough money to settle his legal fees.

“If he’s not permitted the release of fees to cover his legal proceedings and living arrangements, including that of his children, he will be forced to prevail on the NZ government in both respects,” Mansfield said.

Oh, that’s funny. ?I love to see Kim filling in a form to claim a housing allowance for his rent. ?And I guess he could go on the sickness benefit?

“There is simply no other remedy he has at this point, given the restraint of assets and the restraint of the trust assets. He’ll effectively be left destitute (and) it seems the Commissioner of Police condones this position and as such condones the orders.”

Earlier Dotcom testified he was subsisting off small amounts of cash but Crown lawyer David Boldt queried Dotcom’s claims of being “penniless”, by quoting a Tweet from last year where Dotcom promised a financial reward of $5000 for whistle bowers who could help him with his copyright case.

The Dotcom’s lavish Coatesville mansion was also referred to, with Boldt asking: “Have you thought about moving into a house that doesn’t cost you $1m a year?”

“Which landlord is going to rent to me? I don’t have even a bank account,” Dotcom replied.

You’d think his mates up north can get him an extended stay with some of the whanau? ?Or perhaps Laila can assist there? ?Or maybe Kumar? ?Or Graeme Edgeler? ? Any of his old mates? ?What about Alastair Thompson?


One thing is for sure. ?The man that says he has no money is still living in and maintaining a mansion, getting it cleaned, having the shopping done, eating, paying for electricity, Internet and so on.

I am fairly sure what Kim Dotcom spends every month and calls “destitute” will be more than I earn in a year. ? ?But, he’s giving it a go. ?He’s managed to sell his sob story enough times for him to feel it’s worth trying again. ?Sadly, he keeps running into people willing to believe him at his word.


– Auckland Now