Labour turns to crowd funding for political campaign

Labour has amped up its campaign against National?s state housing ?sell-off”
plans, launching a crowd-funding campaign to buy a full page newspaper
attack ad.

Labour announced the plan via social media yesterday and has already
received thousands of dollars from supporters. (See the ad below)

Labour housing spokesman Phil Tywford tells NBR ONLINE the aim of the ad
will be to ?make John Key listen.?

?It?s part of a campaign I?ve been leading called ‘Save our state housing’ and it
aims to mobilise support from New Zealanders to try to stop National?s state
Labour Party Spokesman for housing Phil Twyfordhouse selloff in its track.?

Labour has been firmly opposed to National?s plan.

Quelle surprise ?

This rather unconventional approach is a New Zealand first.

They have no money.

?Crowd-funding as part of a campaign is a slightly novel approach for us but
one that seems to be working.?

They have no money.

Mr Twyford says Labour is looking to use the crowd-funded money to finance
one full page ad in a daily newspaper but will advertise as much as they
can with the money which comes in.

They have no money.

He says at this point, the campaign has generated a thousands of dollars,
mostly from smaller donations.

They have no money.

But Auckland University senior marketing lecturer Mike Lee says this
initiative seems a bit strange.

They have no money.

So not just politically and intellectually bankrupt, it appears Labour?are financially bankrupt as well.


Yep. ?They’ve screwed over all their effective donors one by one.


– Jason Walls, NBR Online