Is Labour’s new policy to remove all water meters?

Andrew Little has developed a habit of blurting out ill-considered thoughts as though they are fully developed policy ideas.

He is of course pandering to the audience he is speaking to, but forgets that everything he says and does now is subject to media scrutiny.

His latest brain-fart amongst many is to suggest that water should not be a tradeable commodity.

Labour party leader Andrew Little says water should not be traded as a commodity in New Zealand.

Mr Little, who spoke at Te Tii Marae at Waitangi today, told media after his official address mixed feedback from iwi and the Government over water ownership rights was a reflection of wider conflicting views on the issue.

“Certainly, local people and local iwi – they want water and they want access to water because they need it,” Mr Little said.

“Whether or not it’s about making a profit from it, some have that view clearly but others don’t.

“I think…this is the big challenge we face as a country. There’s a long way to go yet and this is an issue that all New Zealanders need to be debating. ??

“It demonstrates that there is a division of view about this as there will be right across New Zealand,” Mr Little said.

He did not believe water was a resource which should be traded commercially.

“We don’t make it, it comes naturally, people need it, it’s life giving. It’s essential and I’m just not sure it’s something we should now go down on creating this big commercial market for.”

He was of course speaking to Maori…who coincidentally would now like to make a claim for the water that falls from the sky as though it is theirs.

But he clearly didn’t think this through.

If he is right and water shouldn’t be traded or charged for is he really saying that all the councils in the country will have to get rid of their water meters?

Is he really saying that there is no need for river protection and that farmers can take as much water as they want without charge….leaving those downstream with a trickle after everyone else upstream took as much as they wanted for no charge?

I mean seriously the man is a moron.

When he isn’t wanting to tip our judicial system on its head by wanting the burden of proof in rape cases to shift from the prosecution tot he defence, when he thinks Maori should be able to make and enforce their own laws, a kind of Maori’ah law, and now thinks water shouldn’t be charged for you really start to believe that this man is an idiot.


– NZ Herald