Labour’s New President

As expected Nigel Haworth won the Labour presidency in a triumph for the liberal elite wanker wing over the uncouth union thug wing represented by Robert Gallagher. Fortunately for Haworth he also has done his share of union thuggery so was able to split the vote.

The Labour Party has elected economist Nigel Haworth as its new president.

Professor Haworth replaces Moira Coatsworth, who stood down in December following Labour’s election defeat.

The big challenge for the Professor is raising money. Ever since Mike ?Fat Tony? Williams, New Zealand?s best political shakedown artist, retired, Labour has been broke, with even the Greens spending more than Labour in the 2014 election. ?Word from inside Fraser House is that the party is so broke they have to beg for money from everywhere, so the acid test of Prof Haworth?s tenure will be whether he raises funds. ??

Prof Haworth has pointy headed background, some of which might help him round up the loose scratch Labour needs to get over 30% in the next election.

He has also written for many years on various aspects of the international labour movement. Active in APEC networks between 1994 and 2010, Nigel led the Capacity Building Network of the APEC HRD Working Group?between 2001 and 2010. He also works with the ILO and is currently a member of the ILO Century Project, producing the ILO’s account of its role since 1919. He?was Chair of the Partnership Resource Centre, located in the Department of Labour, and its successor, the High Performance Work Initiative, and was, for six years until 2009, Chair of the Centre for Housing Research, located in the Housing Corporation of New Zealand. He was National President of the Association of University Staff for three years between 2005 and 2008. He sits on a variety of committees and boards.

Obviously the quickest and easiest way to raise money would be to sack the dead set useless Tim Barnett and get someone with half a brain to come in to raise funds. Or he could do the hard yards himself, getting around all the donors as Fat Tony did in his day.