Latest poll, Nats and Labour up

How stupid are Labour?

The missing million don?t exist. Yet Labour still pines after them.


The missing million have stayed away for so many elections now that you would have thought Labour would give up on them.

But no, they think that despite their failed social media campaign, their failed voter out reach campaign and their failure at the last three elections the missing million are going to turn up.

The media meanwhile are trying their best to help labour by declaring a big jump in the latest poll, ignoring that National also rose in the poll. ?

Labour have received a major boost in a new poll – up six points since September’s election.

But leader Andrew Little is no more popular than predecessor David?Cunliffe?- rating 12 per cent in the preferred prime minister stakes.

The?TVNZ/Colmar?Brunton?poll puts Labour on 31 per cent. That’s a climb from the 25 per cent rating in the broadcaster’s last poll, in the days before the election. They got a 24.7 per cent party vote share on the night, a woeful result that saw leader?Cunliffe?eventually step down. The party haven’t managed to nudge above 30 per cent in a year, and the poll is likely to lift caucus morale.

The poll puts National on 49 per cent, up four points. Prime Minister John Key took a small hit, falling two points in the preferred prime minister ratings.

But with the Greens down two points to ten per cent, roughly their election result, and NZ First down two to six per cent, a National-led Government would remain in place.

And that is the problem for Labour, National would remain in place.

Andrew Little is still languishing with poll result below David Cunliffe, this is but one poll, and Labour still hasn’t delivered any policy and is more a reflection on National’s tits handling of simple things like SkyCity.

If Labour takes hope from this poll then that shows just how desperate they really are.

The results:?

National Party 49% ?(+4%-points)

Labour Party 31% ?(+6%-points)

Green Party 10% (-2%-points)

NZ First 6% (-2%-points)

M?ori Party 2% (steady)

Conservative Party 1% (-3%-points)

UNDECIDED VOTERS (party vote): 10% (-1%-point)


John Key 41% (-2%-points)

Andrew Little 12% (No change from David?Cunliffe)

Winston Peters 7% (+2%-points)

*?The poll of 1000 respondents had a margin of +/- 3 per cent.


– Fairfax