Why is Lawrence Yule allowing this?


Mayor of Hastings and Local Government NZ chairman Lawrence Yule has some pretty tough questions to answer.

He has let a dodgy developer create a slum by illegally putting removable houses on an all too small section, then retrospectively given planning permission.?

The photo here is an example of how the slum in Totara St has been put together.


All because the Hastings District Council did not enforce their own rules on density and or consents.

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?That is illegal, the distance to boundary I’m talking about, it could be done but at huge expense to the developer, I suggest someone look into it from a fire compliance to boundary, it would require a block wall lined with fyreline gib etc to comply easy $10k there. If ya can’t win out right, hit em where it hurts I reckon.

The best solution is for the residents to shirt front the mayor and tell him they will run an aggressive negative campaign against him at the next election if he doesn?t sort this problem out.


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