What is Lawrence Yule doing about this dodgy developer?


The disgraceful slum being created in Totara St, Hastings needs to be dealt with. the man who should deal with it is Lawrence Yule, Hastings Mayor and Local Government NZ Chair. His council gave a dodgy developer permission to break the law by putting three terrible houses on a section that did not comply with density regulations.

The ratbag developer who moves properties onto sections without resource consent and without compliance has a track record of breaking the law. Here is a list of slum properties created with dilapidated old houses moved on in high density and rented out cheaply. ? ?

We are creating a register of the houses relocated.
so far we know about
Totara St
Williams St
Whitehead Rd
Buller St
Joll Rd
Fergusson St
Brunswick St
Rata St

Do you know of any more?

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In more promising news this also shows how ordinary citizens can take on ratbag councils who are supposed to be protecting ratepayers not dudding them.