What was Lawrence Yule Thinking?


The Mayor of Hastings and Chair of Local Government NZ, Lawrence Yule, is known for having a council staff that makes compliance tricky and at times arbitrary.

Lawrence spends so much time out of Hastings doing other stuff he has forgotten to look after his constituents. His bureaucrats are known to be pedantic and difficult to deal with, and because the mayor is busy doing so many other things he forgets to clip their wings when they do stupid stuff.

Hastings residents are up in arms that their street has been turned into a slum by a dodgy property developer.

Totara St residents may seek a judicial review after Hastings District Council granted resource consent for houses moved on to a section illegally.

Relocate Homes NZ owner Shannon Tawhiti raised the ire of residents in Totara St, Mahora, last month when he relocated three houses on to a section without the required consent, in a move which also violated housing density rules.

The council last week granted resource consent for the houses, and dispensation for density rules, after it earlier issued an abatement notice requiring their removal.

The consent was granted on the abatement notice’s day of expiry, which Totara St residents’ spokesman Preston Epplett said “seems more than a coincidence and justifies further investigation”.

Right. So the HDC has allowed a developer to put in-fill housing of a density that is not permitted on a site that he did not have consent to move them on to. Something does not smell right about this. Apparently the developer is a habitual offender.

“We are frustrated that law-abiding, rate paying citizens are being usurped by a habitual offender who never seems to be required to pay for his offences. In the end we feel that we have not been given a fair go and let down by the council.?

The council fined Mr Tawhiti’s company $300 in October last year after he illegally moved an ex-state house on to a section in Joll Rd, Havelock North, which was later granted consent. The developer also moved a house on to a property in Tarbet St, Flaxmere, last month, before removing it in a manner described by local residents as “miraculous?.

This is a terrible look for a council that is known to object to just about every sensible development but then allows a dodgy, unapproved, in-fill to go ahead basically on the grounds that some ratbag had already move the houses onto the site.


– HB Today