LEAKED: The Bully Brigade SECRET internal documents

Oh dear, the Bully Brigade just sinks deeper and deeper.

WOBH has uncovered secret Fire Service documents straight from Fire Region Manager Brendan Nally to our old mate Munter at Kaiapoi.

LEAKED: NZ Fire Service document

What?s this about dodgy recordings of phone calls and conversations?

Has Munter got something to hide?

You bet he does, says the tipline.

Mosby?s dealing to vollies all over the show because he knows the minute this recording is out, that?s it for the NZFS reputation.

To the untrained eye, Nally’s ?succession planning? might be promoting the vollies.

I think we can safely assume that wasn?t the intention here.

And it definitely looks like Munter?s set on boosting his career.? And you would too, if this was what you got up to at the office.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 2.54.39 pm

Brokeback fire brigade.? Classy stuff, Munter.

Your move, NZFS.