Left wing campaign backfires against American Sniper

As is usual from the left wing, when something happens that they don’t like they bring out the ban hammer and attack all and sundry for their efforts.

They no longer believe in freedom of expression.

Ever since American Sniper came out there have been attacks from all the usual suspects. Michelle Obama even found time to attack the movie because it was about blokes and not women. The stupid cow didn’t even realise that it was a film about the life of a real person, Chris Kyle, an American hero. Instead she had to make a stupid political point about why it wasn’t a movie about a woman sniper.

All the left wing outrage has done though is guarantee the success of American Sniper.

American Sniper? has broken another record. ??

The six-time Academy Award nominated film has now become the highest grossing film on Super Bowl weekend, picking up $31.8 million, just edging out the 2008 ?Hannah Montanta/Miley Cryus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour,? which grabbed 31.2 million when it premiered.

?These are superhero movie numbers,? said Paul Dergarabedian, a senior media analyst at Rentrak. ?People are hearing about this movie, talking about it and I imagine it?s leading them to see it multiple times to get to these type of numbers.?

The Chris Kyle biopic blew the competition away this weekend.??Paddington? took the second place spot with only $8.5 million.

Today marks another special day for ?American Sniper? fans. On Friday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott declared today, February 2, Chris Kyle Day.

Like the left wing attacks on me, they have failed, all they ever achieve is letting usually disinterested people know that there is possibly something worth looking at and they go and see what all the fuss is about.


– Truth Revolt