Len Brown backs his Auckland ’embassy’ staffer

Len Brown is a fool, firstly he comes up with a lamer excuse than John Key and Jami-lee Ross and pretends he didn’t know about his own council spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for a staff member in London.

Now just 12 hours later he is telling an incredulous Bernard Orsman that he is fine with it all.

Auckland’s Mayor, Len Brown, today came out in support of the city council having its very own man in London, at a cost to ratepayers of more than $230,000.

Auckland Council’s economic development arm has created a special contract in London for one of its senior executives, Grant Jenkins, who has moved his family to England.

His English-born wife, Kate, was homesick and had been longing to return home for several years, according to a former council staffer.

The Jenkins have set up home with their two children outside London in the village of Bourne End in Buckinghamshire.

As well as paying about $196,000 for a 12-month contract, ratepayers are picking up Mr Jenkins’ work expenses and office costs at New Zealand Tourism’s headquarters in New Zealand House near Trafalgar Square.

Ratepayers have paid an administration fee of about $15,000 for his contract and contributed $19,841 to the family’s relocation costs.

Last night, a spokeswoman for the mayor said Mr Brown had been unaware of Mr Jenkins’ job in London.

However, Mr Brown came out in support of the contract after being briefed today by officials at Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (Ateed). ?

“We are united as one city to face the international stage and bring major opportunities to the city that could not have happened before,” he said.

“In areas like tourism and events, Ateed has already achieved this on behalf of Auckland Council. We need to work beyond our sister cities into major financial and economic hubs, sometimes with visits and delegations, and on occasions with project placements in market.

“Our goal is to aggressively grow international investment and revenues into Auckland which is completely consistent with our Auckland plan.”

I guess if you can justify London it makes it easy to establish other such positions…in..oh I don’t know…Hong Kong?

But you know that Len Brown is in trouble when the illuminati of the left wing start criticising it.

Waitemata Local Board chairman Shale Chambers said on social media that “the appointment is a really bad look and frankly undefendable”.

The former council employee who contacted the Weekend Herald about Mr Jenkins’ new role said it was a case of a “job for the boys”.

“His wife is English and has been very openly longing to return to live there for several years.

“Ateed’s senior leaders, in their wisdom, have decided that they should concoct a role for him, pay to set him and his family up and live in one of the world’s most expensive cities at the Auckland ratepayers’ cost.

“No one had the opportunity to apply for this role. It was never advertised, just announced and put in place. It is stomach turning.”

He should have been told to enjoy his flight, see ya later Cyril when he went moaning about his stroppy missus wanting to go back to Pomistan.

But no…not with this council…we shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep this whipped man in a job.

Does he know Len’s secrets? Or is he the really best ever person for the job?


– NZ Herald