Len Brown’s council shuffling deck chairs to make ends meet

While Len Brown is enthusiastically supporting spending more than $500,000 per annum on troughers in Ateed living overseas…and looking at expanding that, his council is reducing the public services that rates are supposed to cover.

Library hours are being reduced in a bid to save $1.1 million. Perhaps if he recalled our ‘city ambassadors’ he could find a large chunk of those savings?

Most libraries will have reduced opening hours, while some others will be extended, in a bid to save $1.1 million in Auckland Council’s proposed budget.

The core service is not spared in the 10-year budget, which also targets a 7 per cent cutback in park maintenance. The city’s 55 libraries will remain open on Saturdays, but Whangaparaoa, Mahurangi East and Birkenhead or Northcote will be closed on Sundays.

Warkworth, Ranui and Otahuhu will, however, extend their opening hours to include Sundays.

The Botany library has the biggest reduction, losing 12 hours to end up with 56, followed by Waitakere library and research centre, which loses 10 hours.

Even the hours at the central city library are being cut by five, doors opening on weekdays at 10am instead of 9am.

Other cutbacks of an hour or half-hour are minimal and several libraries will be open for longer. Warkworth will gain an extra six hours and Wellsford an extra three.

For libraries open Monday to Saturday, it is planned for a “neighbouring” library to be open on a Sunday to keep a seven-day service within reasonable reach of the community. ??

“Auckland will have more libraries open on Saturdays and Sundays than we do now, which is when many people want to use them,” a spokeswoman said. “The proposed changes ensure a fair and standardised approach to library hours across the region and allow us to save costs, helping keep rates as low as possible.”

In the past year, four new library buildings have opened, at Waiheke, Ranui, Te Atatu Peninsula and Devonport, which will lose three and a half hours of service at its new $7.8 million library.

The council also plans to introduce a $1 fine for people who don’t pick up a requested book.

Mayor Len Brown said the council was looking for savings in every single budget. The message from the community was to “cut your cloth”.

Yes Len, if you could cut your cloth at around the place your necktie rests.

We pay rates for city services, like parks, like libraries, like removal of rubbish, like the provision of potable water and teh removal of waste.

What we don’t pay rates for is troughers living life on the large off shore.

There are plenty more savings to be made in Auckland Council…another would be stopping spending on stupid public art works, de-funding the Auckland Philharmonia and numerous other things the luvvies all lobby for.

How much council money went into last weekend’s Pride festival?

We want our services retained, especially if you are increasing our rates.

No one predicted that services would be reduced and rates increased as a result of the Super City.

With just one Night-Mayor Aucklanders have realised their own nightmare.


– NZ Herald