Lianne Dalziel comes good

Lianne Dalziel kept herself out of the Labour party for years in the eighties because she opposed asset sales.

Now she is running one of the biggest asset sales programs ever seen in New Zealand, flogging off the silverware in Christchurch to fund the rebuild.

“We are committing to go back into the capital programme and have a really good look at it again,” Mayor Lianne Dalziel said. “Every councillor is committed to making savings within the capital programme and committed to finding savings within the organisation.

“We are not going to be selling anything that doesn’t need to be sold,” she assured. ?

People’s Choice councillor Andrew Turner said he could not support assets sales of the level proposed.

Likening the council to a household that was trying to balance the items on its shopping list with the money it had left on its Eftpos card, Turner said the council should be making cuts to its shopping list rather than putting its house on the market.

Perhaps Len could give Lianne a call to find out how he can fund his train set by selling the Port and the?Airport.

At least then we will have a valid comparison on what we should have…income generating assets like a Port and an Airport…or literally a hole in the ground where ratepayers will pour never-ending subsidises to force people to take trains they don’t want to.


– Fairfax