Little understanding of how business works from Labour leader

His leadership is a dog's breakfast and tastes as good too

His leadership is a dog’s breakfast and tastes as good too

Andrew Little is back to being Angry Andy, with a bit of dunderhead Andy thrown in.

The man clearly has no understanding of business when he utters inanities like this.

Mr Joyce conceded that a smaller convention centre would be less attractive to some groups and could result in missed business “at the margins”.

Asked if he was hopeful SkyCity might soften any downsizing by spending more than the agreed $402 million, Mr Joyce said indications were that it wasn’t off the table.

“They are already making comments in that regard, so, let’s see.”

But Labour leader Andrew Little said a government under his leadership would be tougher.

It would look at legislating to reduce the 28-year extension to the SkyCity licence, granted as part of gambling concessions given to SkyCity for building a $402 million centre.

“If they put up a dog, then they’re not going to get away with it.”

Why would SkyCity put up a dog, they aren’t the Labour party they are a business, and a business that likes to make healthy profits.

While Labour can almost get away with putting up dog after dog for leader SkyCity needs to return an investment to its shareholders and so they will build the best thing they possibly can within the budget. Otherwise they risk people not coming or attending and their investment would be shot to hell.

This shows yet again that Andrew Little is out of his depth in a carpark puddle when it comes to business.

Hectoring and bullying businesses to meet some sort of amorphous design constraint set by Labour that the building isn’t a “dog” is not the way serious politicians show they are fit to lead this country.

Andrew Little says a government he leads would be tougher…yeah, way to go with the messaging Andy…you’ve just told us all that you plan on being a command and control leader like the union boss you are…coupled with being strong and nasty and angry. Let’s see how that plays out in the polls.


– NZ Herald