McCully insults Israel and cuddles up to terrorists

Sometimes I wonder if years of inveterate rooting haven’t addled Murray McCully’s mind.

[Yesterday],?Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully appointed Jim McLay, this country’s top diplomat at the United Nations, as the representative to the Palestinian Authority.

The former deputy prime minister and National Party leader will take up the new role in May.

Last September, a diplomatic row broke out with Israel over its refusal to accept New Zealand’s ambassador Jonathan Curr because he was also an envoy to the Palestinian Authority.

The envoy is based in Turkey and had performed both roles since 2008.

Gerard van Bohemen, who is a deputy secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, will succeed Mr McLay at the United Nations.

So let’s get this straight, New Zealand would rather cuddle up to an organisation that is mostly controlled by terrorists organisations, is a barren wasteland, where elections haven’t been held for nearly 9 years and they constantly illegally attack civilian targets perpetrating acts of terror on their immediate neighbour.

Meanwhile McCully insults the only viable democracy int eh region, the only country standing between Arab infighting and degradation in reality the only country who actually know how to properly deal with ISIS.

It is insane and more than a little bit gay that we would curry favour with Hamas rather than recognise Israel.

Yet another reason for me to have chucked in my membership of the National party.

What a disgrace.

McCully handled Fiji poorly and now he is sucking up to terrorist scumbags.

The only thing I can add is wonder at how desperate Jim McClay must be for some scratch if he is considering doing that job.


– Radio NZ