Media beating up on cops again, this time for daring to protect themselves

Yesterday the Sunday Star-Times ran a hit piece on a rural cop who routinely straps on his Glock, especially when dealing with domestic incidents.

It was a shameful piece. Our cops have a hard enough job as it is without panty-waisted wombles in?the?media attacking their every move.

You have to start thinking that the media would like nothing better than a string of dead cops in rural towns such is their insistence that cops shouldn’t be able to protect themselves.

A policeman in rural New Zealand admits he routinely breaches regulations by carrying a firearm and will continue to do so – saying he needs to for protection.

“I work on my own in a remote area, which is why I am able to do this,” he wrote in a letter to the Police Association magazine Police News.

“I have not had a complaint; if anything, very few people even notice.”

The unnamed officer said he carried a firearm “at times” while patrolling. ??

“We can end up in situations in which we should be armed but we are not. Foot patrols, stopping cars – seconds is all we may have and seconds may not be enough to escape or get a firearm from the boot of the car,” he said.

“We have ready access to our firearms; we can prepare to go into situations quickly and on the roadside with little delay when we are given information to suggest we should be armed. But what if we are not given that information?”

New Zealand police are issued with Glock pistols. Assistant Commissioner Mike Rusbatch said police policy did not allow for firearms to be carried as a matter of course, “but it does empower appropriately trained officers to make the decision when to arm themselves under the appropriate circumstances, based on an ongoing and considered assessment of the risks”.

“A key consideration in carrying firearms is the likelihood of the threat of death or grievous bodily harm to themselves or the public.”

Cops should be allowed to carry firearms…and so should citizens, with the proviso that appropriate training and ongoing re-testing is undergone.

The criminal scumbags are all armed, why shouldn’t our police and law abiding citizens?


– Fairfax