Money doesn’t win elections

Arts, Travel & Lifestyle blogger David “Pinko” Farrar has?worked out the cost per vote for all the political parties.

This proves that vast amounts of money do not change the?election if it is spent by idiots like Kim Dotcom or Colin?Craig.

What is even worse is that the Greens spend so much money on?their campaign yet claim money is an evil influence. These?hypocrites actually spent more than Labour in total, and?more overall.

While this can be partly explained by Labour?being deadset useless at a fundraising, the Greens have?reefed in a lot of money to promote their world view. ?

Typical of the Greens they have not got particularly good?value for the money they invested, getting a return of $5.02?per vote, compared to National’s $2.26 per vote and Labours?$2.10 per vote.

Unfortunately these numbers do not include the total spend?for all parties, as it is clear from donation returns that?Kim Dotcom and Colin Craig pissed away a lot more money than?Farrar has in his Party Vote only analysis.

It is blindingly clear though that money does not buy elections.

It won’t stop the left-wing calling for state funding of political parties, and if they do I reckon John Key should call their bluff and put it to the people in a referendum.